What's on this month

Emma Gannon

Juliana's story 

We’re working with Raise the Roof and Juliana Katini to bring period poverty to the global stage. Juliana has a vision to create a hub to produce sanitary pads in her local community in Kenya, creating jobs for women & ensuring access for all


Emma Gannon Live podcast 

We’re joining forces with Emma Gannon and special guests to talk all things global period poverty and women’s health. Our live “Cntrl Alt Delete’ podcast will be coming to a London venue near you in October.


The Blobcast

Join the Blobcast for a vibrant showcase of menstrual experiences from across culture and society. Expect some fascinating stories, period merch, drinks, music, puns in full flow. And some excellent, excellent company.


Launch of Period.

Join Natalie Byrne as she launches her first book Period. This is a book for everyone – children and adults, mums and dads, womb-owners and ex-womb-owners. Overflowing with practical tips and advice, from what a period actually is to who does and who doesn’t have them, this inclusive book is a myth-busting must-read.