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Juliana’s Story

“I’ve seen the terrible impact of not having access to sanitary products. I know girls who have felt ashamed to go out in public. I know mothers who have had to choose between buying pads for themselves or paying schools fees for their child. No woman should have to make that choice.”

Since 2015, Juliana has been providing sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene training to women and girls in Barut, Kenya. Recent funding cuts to partners however, and policies like the Global Gag Rule, have harmed the supply and distribution of these menstrual hygiene products, blocking access to menstrual products for all the women and girls that need them. 

Juliana however, has a solution!

Juliana hopes to create a hub for women and girls which will produce menstrual hygiene kits and distribute them across the region. This hub will generate employment in the local community, and alleviate women and girls living in period poverty..

These kits only cost £8 to make… and last for two years!


Each kit contains:

8 x liners

2 x underwear

1 x soap

2 x washable sheaths

1 x towel