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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The symbol ♯, placed after the name of a note in the key signature or before a note on the staff to indicate that the note is to be played a semitone higher.

Example: The pitch pipe sounded out a perfect F♯ (F sharp).

Definition: A note that is played a semitone higher than usual; denoted by the name of the note that is followed by the symbol ♯.

Definition: A note that is sharp in a particular key.

Example: The piece was difficult to read after it had been transposed, since in the new key many notes were sharps.

Definition: The scale having a particular sharp note as its tonic.

Example: Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" is written in C♯ minor (C sharp minor.)

Definition: (usually in the plural) Something that is sharp.

Example: Place sharps in the specially marked red container for safe disposal.

Definition: A dishonest person; a cheater.

Example: The casino kept in the break room a set of pictures of known sharps for the bouncers to see.

Definition: Part of a stream where the water runs very rapidly.

Definition: A sewing needle with a very slender point, more pointed than a blunt or a between.

Definition: (in the plural) Fine particles of husk mixed with coarse particle of flour of cereals; middlings.

Definition: An expert.

Definition: A sharpie (member of Australian gangs of the 1960s and 1970s).

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To raise the pitch of a note half a step making a natural note a sharp.

Example: That new musician must be tone deaf: he sharped half the notes of the song!

Definition: To play tricks in bargaining; to act the sharper.

Definition: To sharpen.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Terminating in a point or edge, especially one that can cut easily; not obtuse or rounded.

Example: A face with sharp features

Definition: Intelligent.

Example: My nephew is a sharp lad; he can count to 100 in six languages, and he's only five years old.

Definition: Higher than usual by one semitone (denoted by the symbol ♯ after the name of the note).

Definition: Higher in pitch than required.

Example: The orchestra's third violin several times was sharp about an eighth of a tone.

Definition: Having an intense, acrid flavour.

Example: Milly couldn't stand sharp cheeses when she was pregnant, because they made her nauseated.

Definition: Sudden and intense.

Example: A pregnant woman during labor normally experiences a number of sharp contractions.

Definition: Illegal or dishonest.

Example: Michael had a number of sharp ventures that he kept off the books.

Definition: Keenly or unduly attentive to one's own interests; shrewd.

Example: a sharp dealer;  a sharp customer

Definition: Exact, precise, accurate; keen.

Example: You'll need sharp aim to make that shot.

Definition: Offensive, critical, or acrimonious.

Example: When the two rivals met, first there were sharp words, and then a fight broke out.

Definition: Stylish or attractive.

Example: You look so sharp in that tuxedo!

Definition: Observant; alert; acute.

Example: Keep a sharp watch on the prisoners. I don't want them to escape!

Definition: Forming a small angle; especially, forming an angle of less than ninety degrees.

Example: Drive down Main for three quarters of a mile, then make a sharp right turn onto Pine.

Definition: Steep; precipitous; abrupt.

Example: a sharp ascent or descent; a sharp turn or curve

Definition: (of a statement) Said of as extreme a value as possible.

Example: Sure, any planar graph can be five-colored. But that result is not sharp: in fact, any planar graph can be four-colored. That is sharp: the same can't be said for any lower number.

Definition: Tactical; risky.

Definition: Piercing; keen; severe; painful.

Example: a sharp pain; the sharp and frosty winter air

Definition: Eager or keen in pursuit; impatient for gratification.

Example: a sharp appetite

Definition: Fierce; ardent; fiery; violent; impetuous.

Definition: Composed of hard, angular grains; gritty.

Definition: Uttered in a whisper, or with the breath alone; aspirated; unvoiced.

Definition: Hungry.

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Phonetic: "/ʃɑːp/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: To a point or edge; piercingly; eagerly; sharply.

Definition: (notcomp) Exactly.

Example: I'll see you at twelve o'clock sharp.

Definition: In a higher pitch than is correct or desirable.

Example: I didn't enjoy the concert much because the tenor kept going sharp on the high notes.

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